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Explore music genres on Band-Findr and find beautiful music. Band-Findr gives you a structured overview of common genres of music. Click the music genre of your choice and find all bands and artists belonging to this particular music genre. And then get the latest news and exciting informations, stories, events on bands and artist of american music.

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american Music comes in a variety of different styles categorized in genres ranging from rock to pop, singer-songwriter to many others. The Band-Findr genre catalogue gives you a structured overview of music genre styles such as hip-hop, heavy metal, alternative, electronic, world, country, folk, blues, greatest hits, rap, jazz, newcomer, rock, pop and many more.

In addition to our music genre catalogue we provide you with news and inform you about Tickets for american music, Merchandising for american music, Biography on bands and artists of american music. Just go to the genre of your choice, chose the homepage of your band of interest and find there all you need to know on this particular band. You can read the most recent news, concert reviews and stories. Find out about the latest songs and happenings and buy tickets for upcoming events and concerts. The Band-Findr band homepages provide you with informations on:

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